5 Secrets to Choose the Right Keywords for Your Website

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A single approach which is driving much of the internet’s rapid advancement over the past decade, to mention about Google’s annual revenue grossing above 25 billion, well the brainchild is “keywords”.
Keywords are what we punch down on search engines when searching for products, services, answers, news and reviews.

Competitive companies optimize their web-stores for search by allotting specific keywords to their pages. Keywords selection is a prerequisite and underlying to success when it comes on carrying out a Pay per Click (PPC) campaign or paid search and has a significant role to play in website’s ranking on search engines.

Well Keywords are not just about SEO. They form the core of the company’s marketing campaign. You should always deeply focus customer’s needs and establish a direct correlation of it in your keywords. You should identify whether customers love our product or services because it’s cheap or because it’s efficient, Are we the best or the competitive once.
Are we providing our customers with alternatives or direct utility?

The following key article will enlighten you with ideas to keep in mind while selecting keywords and conceptually plan your marketing strategies.

Focus on sound phrases


When it comes to online marketing there is no more primitive term than the omnipresent keyword. Often people over think the basic keyword research concepts: Ideally keywords should generate from questions about your product like what product or services do you sell   Like: For example if you have perfume store then perfume or cologne would be root words but poor keywords neither perfumes or cologne clearly portray what you sell best, this is followed by the urge to include bigger and sublime root keywords


How to be keyword prone: Avoiding “vanity” words

Now let’s get down to a more classified like I own an online watch store that sells all types of watches. To be ranked highly for the keyword watch and landing at the top on search engines comprising your marketing targets this wont yield satisfying results, until and unless you are a highly renowned or lucky enough to be watch.com, well aware of the fact that Google rewards keywords that match website address.

Well the keyword watch probably won’t be the most effective keyword that will bring traffic to your website and converting them into purchases. You would do well if you use keywords like time pieces, chronographs, analog watches and digital watches. The bottom line is refraining from using root word or so called “vanity words”. Perfect keywords should come from analysis of words which matches closely to the type of info, help, services and products you offer.

What you need to know about your website

In my opinion the best little secret for everyone’s favorite search engine: Google Wonder Wheel, released about a year ago but virtually unknown compared to much visible Google search tools. Wonder wheel can be accessed by searching it on Google. It presents is a visual representation of the way Google works or categorizes keywords and indirectly you can also evaluate how users themselves perceive search terms. This alone can become the foundation block for your PPC and SEO research. When searching for watches I see related searches of watch reviews and watch comparisons and different kind of watches.

The focus should be on choosing keywords which directly connects to the intriguing customer like watch reviews and comparisons and best price deals. Mindset should be on evolution of keywords which circulates around the framework of the word watch.


Its of usual concern to SEO articles whether repetitive keywords are useful enough well it is, as long as the phrases mean different on the whole for example using chronograph watch, analog watch or  watch reviews or watch comparisons are perfect.

It’s of prime importance to be a trusted and faithful server so if you don’t have a comparison matrix or a reviews page please don’t include keywords as “reviews” or “compare” because this ends in misleading customers.

Places to put keywords to make a SEO powered content

Keywords should patron your overall content strategy. The conventional process starts linearly with contents and keywords then website building and then launch search engine marketing to drive traffics to you page, But ideally it should be a whole process with research in keywords reflecting what users are seeking and what search engine think about keywords and then let that help to drive your strategies.

Last words: To be different and successful try not to chose static keywords and make the most out of them as it’s never going to be contending rather focus on words within the framework of you product and services and use it effectively.


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